• Tandy

Worship From Home [Jesus Loves Me, Arranged by Carol Tornquist]

The maple trees in our yard are starting to change colors, and O! how fond I am for all things Fall! Like soup simmering on the stove and anything made with pumpkin spices, sweater weather, sparkling clear night skies, and the crunch of dried leaves as squirrels scurry about the yard with cheeks full of ripe walnuts. Fall brings up wonderful childhood memories, so for today’s Worship-at-home videos,  I’ve chosen a couple of melodies from the past: a rendition of “Jesus Loves Me,” and a piece based on the tune BUNESSAN, also known as “Morning Has Broken.” Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, grab a nice cup of hot apple cider or pumpkin latte, and enjoy some quiet time with the Lord. Blessings on you!

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