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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Here in Kansas, we are in the last week before our shelter-in-place is lifted by the governor. With the expectation by some of things “getting back to normal,” and the expectations of others of a deadly surge of the COVID19 virus the minute we re-open, fear has become more rampant—or at least more tangible—in the two months since the virus appeared on this side of the ocean.

The fear running through our homes, neighborhoods, TVs, and online connections is somewhat understandable, but it is toxic. Fear of getting the virus; fear of giving the virus. Fear of losing a loved one and not being able to say goodbye with a proper funeral. Fear of a generation of kids having a gap in their knowledge base that will set them way behind. Fear of being left out of the changing technological advances, like Zoom meetings and telemedicine visits. Fear of being alone. Fear of never being alone again. Fear of not being able to feed our families, or fear of gaining weight with all the Netflix-watching binge-eating. Fear of not having enough to pay the rent this month or next; fear of what’s happening with the family’s vacation home a few states away. Fear of not having a vaccine before football season. Fear of being required to have the vaccine in order to shop or eat out. Fear of Big Brother. Fear of lack of leadership. Fear of running out of money, and meat, and toilet paper.

Who would have thought the year 2020 would be like this?! It certainly is an unprecedented time, but even more unprecedented (and always available) is the love, hope, and peace that God gives us through His Son Jesus Christ. You see, God so loved the world that He allowed His only begotten Son, Jesus— having never committed a sin—to die for us, when WE are the ones who deserve the death that sin requires. Jesus went to hell and back for us, just so we wouldn’t have to live in fear. He knows what we are going through, and He has a perfect way to overcome our darkest nights and endless doubt-filled days.

Simply -

Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace. - Helen H. Lemmel, 1922

Love, Tandy

[soli deo gloria]

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