• Tandy

Holy Saturday

The Night The night that Jesus prayed to God The night He sweated upon the sod The night His friends would run away The night that Jesus knelt to pray. Oh Jesus, my beloved Jesus, How precious was that night, The cup You drank for us meant life - For You, it brought more strife. The days that followed would be so grim, The tears He shed came from within And showed us love with which He died That we with Him might e'er abide. Oh Jesus, my beloved Jesus, How can I speak that night thereof? The night all earth and man above Knew not yet of Your perfect love. Today, the world still seems so grim, The pain, the fear is poised to win. Yet, there is hope while on this "ride," With each of us "Zooming" side by side. For we know that three days after The stone rolled back to show The risen Christ had conquered - Vanquished was the night of woe! This Easter Day, rejoice in peace! Our fear with love, we shall release. The night is ending, look up and see - Christ Jesus has set the captives free! - Mike Beckett (father) and Tandy Reussner (daughter) copyright, April 9, 2020

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